Spring Sock Inspiration for all Fashion Styles

August 21, 2018

Spring is here and it’s time to switch out your seasonal wardrobe! Don’t forget to refresh your sock drawer, too! Clean out any socks that are showing significant wear (ahem, Dads with toe holes, we’re talking to you!), and get rid of any socks you haven’t worn in recent years. Look no further for inspiration to restock on warmer weather socks!


Colors of the Year: The 2016 Pantone colors of the year are the perfect spring colors and the pastel tones work well in socks for everyone.  The light pink is called Rose Quartz and the pale blue is called Serenity. Men will find these colors in cool patterns like argyle, polka dots and herringbone. Ladies will see lots of open-knit styles and patterns, too. These colors are also very suitable for combination with lace for super-feminine looks.


Floral Inspired Patterns: Florals of all kinds are a definite must for spring, even for the guys! Look for oversized florals in bright colors, floral knit trouser socks, even flower patterned sheer stockings. Men can get in on this trend with understated patterns that stylize traditional florals, or have vine-line details.


Perfect Pastels: There are lots of other pastel options besides the Pantone 2016 colors, so go crazy with the lighter hues of the season. Keep your pastel socks as the accent to your outfit, a lot of pastel can come off too childlike for adults. You won’t have long to pick up these colors so get ‘em while they’re in stock!


Lace Accents: Although most popular around Easter, lace styles are a great style for Spring. You may choose a flat knit socks with a lace edging for a sweet vintage look. Lace knit socks are also a nice lightweight option that look cute popping out of a spring bootie.


Plain Janes: If you’re not into patterns or colors, you still may want to consider some socks with more spring appropriate fibers. All cotton socks are nice, but what about something more luxurious or more work-appropriate? Some cool and light fibers to look for include bamboo, rayon, lyocell, pima cotton, etc. Socks made with these fibers will be soft and breathable, perfect for warmer weather.


Sheer: For ladies the retro style of sheers or lightweight socks with sandals is still very on trend. Super light ankle height sheers will work best for this look as they will fit best with shoes you may have in your closet. Try light colors or small fishnet sheers and scrunch them a lit bit around your ankle for a casual effect. Mostly this style is worn with a chunkier style sandal or mule, so this makes for a great season transition option.


What sock styles are you looking most forward to wearing this Spring? Looking for more ideas about how to style your socks in warmer weather? Leave us a comment below!

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