Be Bold and Flaunt Your Crazy Socks

November 05, 2018

Sporting funky socks is a sign of confidence and a positive attitude. You also show off your expressive side and individuality. Crazy socks aren’t just for your kiddos or fashionable teens, you can proudly show them off into adulthood! Whether it’s at home, at work, or on the go you can definitely pull off this small fashion trend without breaking the bank or shocking your boss.

An unusually patterned sock is great conversation starter among friends and when networking professionally. Take the edge off at an interview when your interviewer comments on your cool socks. Adding a touch of personality to your look when interviewing is a great tip to be memorable and a fun sock is an appropriate way to achieve individuality while still looking professional. A good tip for ladies is to try a thigh-high sock under your knee high boots with a dress or skirt. The sock with add a bit of modesty and cover your knees if you are self-conscious, but you can still show off personality by choosing a lace-topped sock or a rich color to match your outfit.

The boardroom is most definitely the place for wacky socks when you need a breather from a strict dress code. Get all your co-workers on board and post your silly socks with fancy loafers on your company’s social media account. Crazy sock day is also a good option for a work-appropriate “spirit day/week” theme. A few minutes chatting about everyone’s cool sock choices is a great stress reliever and team relationship building opportunity.

Perking up your mood is a simple as choosing to wear your “fun” socks! Just like wearing your favorite outfit makes you feel better, so too can your playful footwear. Who knew just switching up your socks could help you battle Monday blues. Using color theory in your sock choice can also contribute to the effect on your mood. Choose a red theme for power or energy. Soft blues and greens are good for calm and relaxation.

We hope you’re ready to get out there and show off your socks! Do you or your kids have a favorite pair of crazy socks? Head over to our Buy 3 Get 1 Free page to check out our hottest new deals!

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