Diversify Your Sock Portfolio with Lesser Known Styles

September 17, 2018

Is your sock collection missing variety? Add some of these lesser known styles so you never miss a beat when you need a specialty sock.

Boot Socks: Handy especially in the winter, but also when you need to bring out the rain boots in the spring. Look for cute colors or patterns you can fold over the top of your boot.

Athletic socks: Just because a sock is athletic style doesn’t necessarily mean it’s optimal for working out, hiking or playing on the field. Look especially for moisture-wicking properties or proprietary fibers like CoolMax. Hikers or campers should try a moisture-wicking and fast drying fabric blend so their socks can be easily washed and dried quickly on the trail. Pick socks with carefully placed padding if you have narrow feet or low arches to add support.

Low Cut Socks: Low cut socks are great for warmer weather when you don’t want a chunky knit sock sticking out of your fashionable sneakers. Low-cuts come in men and women’s sizes. Super low-cut socks/liners are great for shoes with less coverage like boat shoes or women’s flats.

Slipper Socks: Cold feet at night or getting chilled walking on your hardwood or tile floors? Try out a slipper sock style! Slipper socks are a good alternative if you don’t like the chunky, loose effect of normal slippers. Slipper socks feature soft fluffy materials and many come with safety treads on the bottom to keep you safe on slick surfaces.

Fancy Dress Socks: What to do when a surprise event or job interview pops up and you don’t have a nice set of socks to go with your suit or dress? Always make sure you have a couple pair of go-tos for nice events. Men should look for luxurious fabrics and a subtle texture or pattern to go with different color suits or slacks. Ladies may want a couple options for both slacks and dresses. High quality stockings for special occasion dresses and pretty patterned trouser socks for suits are good starters.

Compression Socks: Yes, socks can help you with some of your regular leg complaints! Compressions socks can help alleviate tired and achy legs, swollen legs, and varicose veins. Runners may also prefer compressions socks for protection when wearing shorts. The key factor when choosing compression socks is the fit, so make sure to to measure your calves before purchasing.

Toe Socks: Toes socks are not just a good choice for the funny factor. The individual toe sections can also help prevent blistering if you are prone to rubbing around your toes. Just be sure your shoes also have a good fit to prevent blisters.

Got some ideas for what socks you want to add to your collection? Head on over to our shop to browse our selection of specialty socks for all ages. Got more sock portfolio ideas? Leave us a comment below!

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